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Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 22:39:25 UTC 2019

On Sun, 21 Apr 2019 at 22:56, marc marc <marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com> wrote:

> however I wonder if it's useful to promote changing_table:height
> is there really any use for this tag ?

A parent in a wheelchair might find that useful information, although it
would only influence a
decision if there were similar facilities nearby.

same thing for the description key, I can't imagine when it's useful to
> describe the table with words so I find it not very useful to promote it

Description is a standard tag applicable (at least in theory) to all
objects and used where
there is something that distinguishes the object from others in its class
or where it differs
significantly from what might otherwise be expected.  It's rare that I use
description=* for
any object, but occasionally it is useful.

I also ask where a changing_table:access=private or =no may be usefull
> I think the reasoning used for toilets should also apply to equipment
> such as a changing_table: if it is totally private, such as the changing
> table in your home bathroom, it is not necessary to add in osm.

Some people may feel uncomfortable changing their baby in public view.
Especially if
a down-market tabloid newspaper recently fuelled fear of paedophiles to
boost its

even access=permissive seems strange to me for this kind of equipment,
> I don't know of any law instituting a right to the changing table, so
> all those who are access=yes are access=permissive because their
> owner has the right to change their mind without asking someone else

Not sure about this one.  There are all sorts of fine distinctions.  A cafe
might have a changing
table for use by customers, or may permit non-customers to use it if they

> if the purpose is to change the key diaper=room to diaper=yes +
> diaper:location=dedicated_room I think this value is an too precise
> assumption. the few changing tables I met in a room separate from the
> toilets were not in a dedicated room. it was often in the room with
> the sinks, the entrance hall of the different toilets or in a
> multi-purpose room.

If you never encountered a changing table in a dedicated room then don't
map it as such.
I have no problem with future-proofing a proposal.  Because eventually
somebody will encounter
a changing table in a dedicated room and wonder how to map it.  Let's
decide on a sensible way of
doing it now rather than regretting we had not done so after somebody
invents an ad-hoc way of
tagging it.

since this proposal is to replace an existing key, it is useful
> to make a short list of current usage and their new key/value

Good point.

> don't be afraid of the suggestion list, they are only suggestions to
> discuss in order to try to make the proposal as useful as possible.

Don't say that!  You/ll make us seem warm and cuddly.  I've worked hard
over many decades to
appear curmudgeonly.

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