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> This is what note=* is for - when you'd like to disclose an important fact
> with future mappers that is not that interesting to non-mappers. You may
> also draw a way/area and indicate the count of benches there or the total
> sitting capacity. We may need to submit a proposal this, though.

Or use leisure=outdoor_seating.  Not a solution if you're mapping musical
benches that are
indoors, but otherwise it does what is required.  It doesn't offer a bench
count but does say you
can use capacity.  And it renders.

My only gripe with this tag is the icon.  The same icon is used whether the
area has weather
protection (such as a canopy) or not: the icon shows a bench with a roof
over it.  Most outdoor
seating areas I've encountered around here are not covered (I believe the
situation is the reverse
in some countries) and I find the icon to be very misleading.  Tourism is a
big part of the local
economy here, and a tourist planning a trip on a rainy day could end up
being unhappy to find
the outdoor seating isn't actually covered.  I raised this with carto who
dismissed the idea of
using a different icon where weather_protection=no.

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