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Sun Apr 28 08:18:21 UTC 2019

As a non-native speaker, I did need to look up bureau_de_change before
first using it back then, but it does not cause confusion for me
anymore. The most common word in Hungarian for this is "money
exchanger"/"money exchange" ("pénzváltó"/"pénzváltás"), and the clerks
usually sit at a desk behind a glass wall with a little opening or
bars, not around a table. Other words to describe this might be
"currency exchange booth" (probably a bit more official) or "cash
exchange window".

Our word for changing_table=* is something like "diaper changer
[place]" ("pelenkázó") or more like "a place where you change
diapers", the word itself weakly implicates a separate room, although
this should not cause confusion. Interestingly, the dictionary
definition suggests a translation "pelenkáz" = "changing the baby",
but the term itself does not narrow this down to babies and it is
applicable to all age groups.

Do you know a language where this could cause an issue for real?

On Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 2:25 PM Martin Koppenhoefer
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> > I’m against the tag baby_changing_table. As I have already written, changing_table is unambiguous and the most common word for this thing. No need for such a long key.
> I’m not insisting, but I believe for non-natives the prefix would help. E.g. it could be confused with exchange tables ;-)
> Cheers, Martin
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