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> postal address and administrative belonging are one (or two ;-) ) things,
> being part of a settlement another. Every place will be inside an
> administrative entity, but in doesn’t necessarily mean it is also part of
> the settlement. If it is kilometers away, it is „outside“ (the hamlet).

 Postally it is.  In terms of a residential area, it isn't.  So I didn't
extend the residential area to
include the farm (that would be silly).  Nor did I turn the residential
area into a multipolygon
so I could include the farm that way (equally silly, in my opinion).  But
in the farm's address, it
says Blaenannerch.

Question would be for a few scattered houses/farms that together identify
> as „hamlet“ (not sure this would be a sensible way to see it).

There are many hamlets in this part of the world that consist of a handful
of houses.  But the houses
within the hamlet are relatively close.  And there are usually road signs
identifying the hamlet.

The real world is messy...

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