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Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 22:06:55 UTC 2019

> You've suggested that when drawing a way that "The way should not cross
streams, rivers or valleys".

> > How then do you handle gaps in the range? eg Main Range stretches from
> here, south to there, & is crossed here by Cunningham's Gap, which includes
> the east-west highway. Split the way, so that the range is shown each side
> of the gap?

Yes, make 2 separate ways.

I think it’s reasonable to map a mountain range as a linear way when this
can follow a continuous series of ridge crests. But a mountain range that
is split in 2 by a valley should be considered 2 local features that share
a name.

For this reason, large and complex mountains ranges, like the Rocky
Mountains, cannot be mapped as a single linear or area feature: they
consist of many smaller ranges which spread over a wide area, with vague
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