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Ulrich Lamm ulamm.brem at t-online.de
Mon Aug 12 13:55:51 UTC 2019

In some parts of Germany, especially in the northern half of former DDR,
in the second half of 20th century hundreds of kilometers of previously openair dtches and streems have been laid into culverts.
To understand the waterways, which is finally understanding the landscape, these culverts have to be mapped, to see and show, where the water from remaining open ditches goes.

Some important OSM-menbers prefer ignorant mapping, producing a fragmentary presentation og waterways.
But ignorant mapping is no innocent mapping, it is almost the opposite of it. It is irresponsoble mapping.
For example, if the outlet of a lake is presented as one of its affluents (because most mappers do not follow a waterway up to its source and up to ist mouth), readers of osm-rendering maps are misleaded.
Of course, it has to be allowed to map a short section of a waterway, only, but somebody els of OSM community should accomplish that waterway, as soon as possible.

The readers of our maps have the right to get systematical information not only on the system of roads but also on the system of waterways.
OSM members who call systematical mapping "dispproved" (GER: "unerwünscht"), violate the interests of the real users.

Recently, one example of my systematical mapping has been criticized:

Hallo ulamm,
letihu hinterließ einen Diskussionsbeitrag zu einem deiner Änderungssätze, erstellt am 2019-08-10 17:36:22 UTC mit der Bemerkung „bis zur Quelle“
Ein 492m langes Rohr neben der Straße? 
das kann doch keiner sauber halten.
Weitere Details über den Änderungssatz können gefunden werden unter https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/66767946.

"Hallo ulamm,
streckenkundler hinterließ einen Diskussionsbeitrag zu einem deiner Änderungssätze, erstellt am 2019-08-12 06:24:13 UTC mit der Bemerkung „bis zur Quelle“
Ja, Das war eines von extrem vielen seltsamen und eigensinnigen Erfassungen entgegen der Standards von ulamm, die oft nicht nachweisbar oder aus zweifelfaften Quellen stammten. Normalerweise müssen alle Edits von ihm revertet werden... siehe auch: 
Weitere Details über den Änderungssatz können gefunden werden unter https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/66767946."

As a protagonist of ignorant mapping of waterways has banned me for my systematical mapping,
I cannot answer in the discssion of the changeset.
So I answer here.

Look at the website of the maintaining corporation, the WBV Trebel
"WBV Trebel, Grimmen – Unsere Verbandsgewässer"
and click on "Schaubezirk 6 Roter Bürckengraben / Ibitz"
On that map you can find the places "Leyerhof" and "Borgstedt"
and the waterway running westward from the fields north of Borgstedt to the small road
and then as a culvert along the road, until it turns westward, again.  

Best regards
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