[Tagging] Gorges, Canyons, Ravines: natural=valley or new tag?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 02:23:58 UTC 2019

A few months ago we discussed how to tag gorges, canyons and ravines. These
are steep-sided valleys, sometimes with cliffs.

Myself and at least one other person were in favor of using natural=valley,
+ valley=ravine / valley=gorge / valley=canyon.

However, there is already a non-English wiki page for natural=canyon, and a
new English page for natural=gorge - the author of the gorge page thought
that he would like a single tag, rather than a secondary tag with

This would be a little more work for database users, and also you would
have to pick natural=valley vs =gorge/canyon/etc.

Also, Wikipedia basically says ravine, gorge and canyon are synonyms,
though as an American from the West, I tend to think of canyons as having
vertical, rock cliffs, vs ravines and gorges as less steep, but this may be
a dialectal difference.

Thoughts on this?

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