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On 15/08/19 09:37, Paul Allen wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Aug 2019 at 00:13, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com 
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>     One hiking trail I know of the locals usually go bare foot, not
>     only because of poverty but also terrain.
>     So the foot ware would be a guide, not a rule.
>     Are all foot routes paved?  I would think so.
> Around my town there are several footpaths that are paved.  But 
> they're not walking routes,
> just short cuts between locations.  Pretty much indistinguishable from 
> a sidewalk apart from
> not being at the side of a road.
> Around the outskirts of my town there are also several footpaths 
> which, at least in part, go
> across fields.  Again, not walking routes, just short cuts.  They 
> could probably be incorporated
> into walking routes but, as far as I know, nobody has done so.

Are these 'signed' routes? If not then they fail that test for a 'route'.
> Then there are footpaths which are part of walking routes.  Usually 
> unpaved, cutting across fields
> or through woods.  And then there are hiking routes where the surface 
> is uneven, or stony, or
> boggy, or you have to ford through a stream.
>     Hiking route may have sections that are 'paved', mainly to prevent
>     damage to the environment.
> True.  Some of the walking and hiking routes I know of have a section, 
> or sections, along a road.
> But you choose footwear for the worst conditions you'll encounter on 
> the route, not the best.
> Going by the footwear was only a rule of thumb, but it seems like a 
> useful one.  There are going
> to be exceptions, but if you need hiking boots, and even fit people 
> need a walking stick to keep
> their balance, it's better to call it a hiking route than a walking 
> route.  Similarly, if you could do it
> wearing slippers without any discomfort or getting wet feet, it's 
> probably a walking route.  It
> seems like useful guidance to mappers rather than not defining any 
> distinction at all.  But
> maybe somebody can come up with something better.

Yes.. 'something better' is always useful. I do like the footwear as a 
guide, but not as a rule.
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