[Tagging] Document personal tags in Proposed_features/ space, User: space, or Tag:/Key: space?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Aug 15 08:07:13 UTC 2019


On 15.08.19 04:18, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
> In contrast, the current text of the wiki page "Any tags you like
> suggests creating a new tag for bird nests (as an example) with
> Key:endangered_nest=Siberian_flying_squirrel - besides suggesting
> using non-standard capitalization in the value, this suggests creating
> a new Key: / Tag: page directly, rather than using User:username/ or
> Proposed_features/.
> Is this a good idea?  Occasionally new wiki pages are created in these
> standard spaces for tags with only a few uses or no uses in the
> database.

We have occasionally complained when someone did that, and forcibly
moved their tags to their private space.

(N.B. there used to be a time when we encouraged people to create
private tags of the kind "username:key=value", a practice we have since

(N.B. do you know the watch:username key...?)

> I would encourage mappers not to create new feature pages for tags
> which are not yet in use, or have only been used a handful of times by
> one mapper.

Yes, I think it would be wrong to say it is "generally forbidden" but it
is likely only right in exceptional circumstances. It is one of these
"you can do it but you should be very sure that you're doing the right
thing" kind of things!


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