[Tagging] Artists studios, WAS Re: Keys to which new values can be added without a proposal: craft=, shop=, building=, office=, sport=?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 02:03:10 UTC 2019

What is the objective difference between the workshop of a sculptor who
makes many copies of ancient or tradition sculptures out of stone by hand,
versus the workshop of a “fine art” sculpture who sells expensive

There are many traditional sculptors in Indonesia who make stone Buddha
statues (similar to those at Borobudur temple), or statues of Garuda carved
intricately from wood or stone. Are they artists or not? They are certainly
“sculptors”, no?

Similarly, the art studio of a potter who makes expensive “fine art”
pottery pieces will look similar to the studio of a craftsman who produces
decorative ceramics by hand.

I believe using a different key for “fine art painters” versus “craft and
decorative painters” would be like using a different tag for regular
restaurants and “fine cuisine” restaurants.

The craft key is already being used for artistic sculptors, potters, glass
makers, photographers and so on. It seems the most appropriate of the
existing keys, and it would be inappropriately to try to divide “craft
artists” and “fine artists” into different values, let alone different keys.


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> > I would suggest we move artist from the craft discussion on to its own
> thread.
> agreed. Artists merit their own key, putting them under craft doesn’t seem
> like a good choice.
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