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> > Does it have to be signposted as a walking route?
> In my opinion yes. It's an objective fact, visible on the ground, and can
> be verified.
> Let's put it otherwise: "Besides signs and trail markers, what other facts
> or properties of the route would you consider sufficient in order to map
> the route"?
> A map with copyright permitting OSM to make use of its data.  There are
several walks near
me which appear on maps published by the county council or tourist board.
Copyright does
not permit me to make use of those maps.  However, some of those walks will
sign-posted/waymarked, so they could be mapped (but not by me, I'm nowhere
near fit

One example: My running club has also a group of people who go on a walk
> together, every Wednesday. They have been doing the same 5km route for the
> last 7 or 8 years. Should that be mapped? It's not indicated, not written
> down, just common knowledge among club members. My feeling tells me
> something like that shouldn't be in OSM.

If it's not indicated or written down, then no.  But what about Cilgerran
Walkers Are Welcome?
They were awarded "Walkers are Welcome" status in 2008.  Their walks
appeared in a (now
out-of-print) book.  Three of their walks are described on their web site:
They also have a map of their walks on a noticeboard in their village.
With their permission,
I put one of those routes into OSM so they could decide whether or not to
give permission to
add the rest.  Their group seems to have as many divided opinions as we do
here, as I've heard
nothing more in about a year.

These aren't long walks for serious walkers.  Nothing like the E2 in
Yorkshire, or the Wales
Coastal Path.  But this area relies heavily on the tourist trade and these
are the sorts
of walks tourists would appreciate.

Another example: there are lot's of walks in small nature reserves in my
> region. They are published online, as a PDF containing a small map of the
> nature reserve. The routes are also indicated on an information board with
> a map. (for example
> https://www.westtoer.be/sites/westtoer_2015/files/styles/route_main_image_desktop/public/win_synced_photos/natuurpunt_wandelingen_damme-52909-0.jpg
> )
> Would you map this? ...And then there's also copyright restrictions to
> consider.

I would map public footpaths, if I found information about them where the
copyright permits.
A collection of footpaths that somebody has defined as a walk is another
matter, because
copyright issues are more likely to arise.  If the copyright permitted it,
would you deem
any of these
suitable or unsuitable?  Many of them appear on maps on noticeboards.  I'd
expect many to
be signposted and waymarked, but am too unhealthy to look.  Would they only
be mappable
if signposted/waymarked or would a map without copyright problems be enough?

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