[Tagging] Livestock=* to specify the livestock animals in a farmyard or meadow?

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 19 10:35:20 UTC 2019

Le 19.08.19 à 12:17, Joseph Eisenberg a écrit :
> The tag animal=* has been 2137 times
> animal=yes (unhelpful!)

I wonder why it's useless.
if the contributor does not know if they are cows or calves,
this allows him to enter "there are farm animals there" and any 
application can easily target for improvement (e.g. StreetComplete).
what would be useless is to force the contributor to be an expert in 
biology to inform "there are animals there".
it would be just as useless as trying to remove all the key=yes
that are the very basis of the incremental contribution,
one of power of osm

> The tag livestock=*
> used 132 times

16% of landuse=farmyard have a anima=* tag.
I didn't understand what argument to hope that the
current most used tag would change in favor of a marginal tag.


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