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Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 16:55:54 UTC 2019

On 19/08/2019 17:21, Peter Elderson wrote:
>  the only way for the likes of me is to use detection tools and 
> maintenance tools to order data by hand at the mapping level, so 
> ordinary people can use waymarkedtrails to get usable linear gpx-s for 
> their basecamps, route editors, trip planners, navigation apps and 
> devices.

You keep perpetrating this myth - you're suggesting again that ways in 
routes need to be sorted before they can be used in Garmin software and 
navigation devices.  It simply isn't true.  For about 11 years now I've 
been creating Garmin maps based on OSM data, and I've been walking along 
local and national trails in the UK for far longer.  Never have I needed 
to "follow a GPX" - it seems a very alien thing to want to do, and (as 
mentioned previously) isn't actually supported by any of the various 
Garmin hiking GPSs that I've used.  If you want to do that - fine - but 
not everyone does.

I suspect that "Ordinary people" will just download OSM maps from 
http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/or one of the alternatives - they'll see 
the route on-screen and they will navigate using that.  Sometimes 
they'll stray from it because they've arranged somewhere to eat or stay; 
they're not limited to "only walking along the actual ways that form the 
official route" which you seem to be.

If you have a different requirement then that's very much a personal 
requirement for you; please don't try and dissuade "ordinary people" 
from contributing to mapping hiking routes.  If you want to manually 
sort and rearrange hiking route data in a way that doesn't prevent 
everyone else from contributing that's also fine, but please don't raise 
the bar to contributions so high that people can't contribute at all. 
You'd essentially be filling the role that Kevin Kenny identified above 
as "Someone in the community who can handle relations will then have the 
geometry already established, so tidying the topology becomes a clerical 

The people we want adding hiking routes to OSM are people who've just 
taken their boots off, know where routes have been diverted, and know 
what the surface tags etc. should be, not people who've never emerged 
from behind a PC.

Best Regards,


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