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> hitching posts

> Hitch just means fasten to

yes, that is the verb. we're talking nouns. 

a “hitch” could be a class of knot (Bowline, etc), or a part of a trailer. 

a “hitching post”  (operative word “post” ) is a type of anchored horizontal bar for strapping the reins of a transportation animal to while doing something else. 

“hitching post” is a common description of the things used to hold a horse while parking in front of a location because you HITCH (that verb) the horse to the post with a binding HITCH KNOT. 

> You can get hitching posts for bicycles, boats, caravans, horses, dogs.

No you can’t. that is the point.

 - Boats use cleats at a dock. the knots they use when tying the rope are called hitches. Knots are not mappable.

- Bicycles use racks or stands. the one that looks like hitching post, but is often not anchored into the ground is a sawhorse rack or a bike hangar. The thing you pass your lock through that is anchored into the ground is a stand of some type. there are manytypes of stands. Stands are mappable already.

 - A hitch on a caravan is part of a vehicle, so it is not mappable, so it is not part of the discussion.

The feature we are mapping is the ALTERNATIVE to someone HITCHING their dog to a stop sign.

It is a hook for leads, not a horizontal bar where the lead (leash) or reins are lashed to a horizontal pole. 

Some sort of… Hook… for pet leads...  a Lead hook! 

> Camel hitches are different 

no, they use hitching posts too.

Your link about camels in a truck doesn’t illustrate any object that can be called a hitch (besides maybe the knot on their harness), let alone a mappable item. 

here is a camel at a hitching post.
https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-a-young-kyrgyz-boy-leads-a-camel-at-the-kyrchyn-jailoo-at-the-world-116460759.html <https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-a-young-kyrgyz-boy-leads-a-camel-at-the-kyrchyn-jailoo-at-the-world-116460759.html>

the dog hook in your house isn't a mappable item. 

since the nouns - "hitching post" and “hook” are different, used for different purposes in different locations for different classes of animals, I think they should be mapped with different tags. 

These word games are not fun if you don’t use the actual names of the other the items. 

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