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> Paul:
> I agree with you that this should be an attribute not a tag to use on
> every till. However we can't foresee how mappers will use it.

Your wiki page says it's not a standalone tag.  And if carto co-operate by
not rendering it,
then it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Even less of a problem if
editors support it
as an optional property of shops.

Philip (off topic):
> Yes there should be a tag for those mini post offices. They spread all
> over Switzerland. Do you mind to prepare something? Recently I tried to map
> a DHL collection point and failed because amenity=post_office is definitely
> wrong.

If I understood him correctly, Philip wasn't talking about collection
points, and especially not
DHL collection points.

Post Offices in the UK are complicated.  The following is a rough guide
with many
simplifications.  Each town had a head post office, staffed by civil
servants, and which
did no business not related to the Post Office (which many years ago also
ran the phone
system in the UK, apart from in the city of Kingston upon Hull).  There
were often many sub
post offices in a town, located in shops, with partitions separating the
post office counter
from the shop counters.  Sub post offices offered just about everything the
head post office did.

Later, the phone system was split off from the post office.  And the post
office set up a sort of
banking system.  The post office banking system sort of came and went, but
currently exists.
So it is possible to use a credit or debit card to make cash withdrawals at
a head post office
or sub post office, without making a purchase, because it is also a very
cut-down bank.
In fact there is talk of making the post office bank do even more, because
many small towns
have lost all their branches of proper banks but still have a post office.
There's also talk
of making the post office the bank of last resort, for the kind of people
that real banks
refuse to do business with.

At  some point the post office allowed other shops to buy stamps for resale
as a convenience
for customers, but mainly so they could get rid of stamp machines from the
because they were frequently vandalized to rob the coin boxes.

Later still, increasing high street rents forced some head post offices to
relocate into
special areas in supermarkets.  What was essentially the head post office
(because it
was the only post office) operated as a sub post office.  Philip was
talking of the fact
that although the post office area in a supermarket keeps post office
hours, some
supermarkets may have checkouts that offer some post office services
outside of
post office hours.  You can weigh a parcel at one of them, buy stamps for
the parcel
and maybe (I don't know) even send a parcel, but you can't pick up a parcel
for you to collect it.  You can only pick up a parcel at the actual post
office counter
in the supermarket and only during post office hours.

Oh, and along the way we privatized the delivery side of the business as
Mail.  Prompting somebody I know to suggest we should also privatize Royal

Not at all the same as convenience stores acting as collection points for
sent via DHL, or from Amazon or whatever.  Just that peculiar institution
of the
British post office.

As I said, it's complicated.  And I simplified, a lot.  Others will be
along to fill in details
I omitted and to correct my errors.

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