[Tagging] Distinguishing landuse=animal_keeping from landuse=farmyard and landuse=meadow?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 02:27:59 UTC 2019

I recently saw the page "landuse=animal_keeping", which was proposed
for things like horse paddocks (not exactly meadows) which are not
parts of farms (eg, recreational horses owned by equestrians who do
not consider themselves farmers) - though it's also used for features
that might be considered the part of a farmyard, like an "open stable"
from German), a type of cattle or horse shelter with only partial walls.

That tag page also suggests the tag animal_keeping=* with the type of
animal as the value. The vast majority (75%) are =horse, but =cow,
=sheep, =chicken, =goat, =pig, =fish, and =orca have been used more
than a dozen times each.

This tag seems like it could be used for both zoo animals, pets, and
livestock, so it has the same issues as animal=* with allowing a long
list of values, though at least the key isn't used for totally
different purposes.

Also, it's not clear to me when one would use landuse=animal_keeping
instead of landuse=farmyard or landuse=meadow. If a farm has a paddock
for horses next to the barn and farmhouse, is this landuse=farmyard?
If there is a feedlot for cattle, is this landuse=farmyard with
farmyard=feedlot (used 600 times), or landuse=animal_keeping? Are zoos
or aquariums animal_keeping? Pastures?

I'd like to be able to write something on the landuse=animal_keeping
page which would help mappers when to use that tag instead of
landuse=meadow or landuse=farmyard.

My guess is that landuse=animal_keeping should be reserved for areas
used to keep large riding/recreational animals like horses, which are
not a pasture, meadow, farmyard, or residential area instead, so that
would mainly be large areas used for recreational horses or other
non-agricultural animals (not used meat or animal products).

Small yards used to keep dogs in a landuse=residential area probably
don't need this tag, and I probably wouldn't use it for zoos.


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