[Tagging] Distinguishing landuse=animal_keeping from landuse=farmyard and landuse=meadow?

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Fri Aug 23 08:36:34 UTC 2019

On Fri, 23 Aug 2019 at 03:29, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>

> Also, it's not clear to me when one would use landuse=animal_keeping
> instead of landuse=farmyard or landuse=meadow. If a farm has a paddock
> for horses next to the barn and farmhouse, is this landuse=farmyard?

First, it depends what you mean by paddock.  Strictly speaking, in British
English a paddock is not where grazing takes place.  It's a holding area for
horses.  Sloppy British English and non-British English expand on that
to include pasture and/or other animals.  So, strictly speaking, a
paddock is found at horse-racing tracks, riding schools, and the
like.  A working farm might include a riding school and so have
a paddock, but most ordinary farms (even those breeding horses) would

To answer your question, consider a working farm where one of the farm
buildings has been converted to a holiday cottage and which has a
parking area for the guests.  Holiday cottage and parking area are
within the boundary of the farmyard.  I'd consider a paddock to be
in the same category as that car parking: it is a feature within
the farmyard that can (but need not) be mapped.  Whether it should be
handled as a multipolygon or not is another endless thread on the horizon.

> My guess is that landuse=animal_keeping should be reserved for areas
> used to keep large riding/recreational animals like horses, which are
> not a pasture, meadow, farmyard, or residential area instead, so that
> would mainly be large areas used for recreational horses or other
> non-agricultural animals (not used meat or animal products).

Nobody is going to have a large paddock where horses can't graze in order
to keep horses.  Temporarily hold them, yes, but no larger than necessary.
you're breeding the things, you want as much space as possible for them to
graze on, not for them to stand around not eating because there's nothing to
eat.  And if they can graze, it's pasture not paddock.

I'd say a good use for landuse=animal_keeping would be to enclose dog
(the physical shelters) and exercise areas at a dog breeders or dog kennels
term for temporary dog accommodation).  These can be present on working
which have other agricultural activities than just keeping dogs, so you
might have
such in a farmyard.  But they're also possible in areas that aren't
farmyards.  The
same thing goes for catteries, any other type of pet breeding, and any
other type
of working animal breeding.  They might be part of a working farm that does
things.  They might be part of a farm that's been turned over entirely to
keeping those animals.  Or they might be somewhere that isn't a farm and
never has been a farm.

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