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Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 13:50:47 UTC 2019

My local supermarket recently added two car charging stations.  Each
charging station took over three existing parking spaces.  This is
apparently a nation-wide roll-out by the supermarket chain, so this
is going to apply to many places in the UK.  It's also a likely
arrangement of other charging stations.  See

The charging station itself is at the end of a former parking space,
and that space now has cross-hatch lines indicating there is no
parking there.  Actually, you could fit a "half car" like a Smart in there,
but people around here are stupid or selfish enough that without
the restriction they'd park a full-size car there blocking half of the
parking aisle (and some would manage to drive into the charging
station and wreck it).

The two parking spaces adjacent to the charging station are now
signed as being for charging only and not for ordinary parking.
The signage is in Welsh, not in English.  So I'll be charitable and
assume that the non-electric vehicles parked in the spaces for
electric vehicles were owned by people who don't speak Welsh
(it's tourist season, so that is very possible).  More likely they're
stupid and/or selfish local people of the kind who happily park
in the spaces for disabled people despite not being disabled and
were not transporting disabled passengers.

Anyway, it would be nice to be able to mark these two types of spaces
in some way: the "you can no longer park here because there's a
charging station at the end of it" and the "park here to charge your
car" spaces.  One way (perhaps the best, although it takes
slightly more effort to map it) of dealing with the "you can no longer
park here" would be with a multipolygon to cut a hole in the car park.
Which just leaves the charging bays themselves.  The wiki page
for amenity=parking_space doesn't actually document how to do
this, even for disabled parking, but refers to the proposal

So it looks like, for the charging spaces, amenity=parking_space +
access:<invent-appropriate-role>=<access value> is the way
to go.  So what is a suitable role?  In the particular case I'm
mapping, they are parking spaces for cars; longer vehicles won't
fit, but it's entirely possible charging facilities that accommodate
longer vehicles will appear in the future.  So access:car_charging,
with access:truck_charging, access:hgv_charging being added
as possibilities later, if required?  Or access:vehicle_charging
and let people eyeball the map to figure out if their vehicle will
fit?  Or access:vehicle_charging with either of the inadequately-
documented vehicle=* or service:vehicle=*?  Or something else?

Any thoughts?

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