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Martin wrote:> IMHO no. We do not need tags of an is_in fashion for this, > we can model this universally by making use of implicit > spatial relationships (i.e. put the bike kitchen inside the community > centre or pub, or the other way round, according to our > interpretation of the situation)

Could you/someone explain how you can search for objects that form such spatial relationships?
I noted in another message in the thread that I am not aware of how to search for combined features, each tagged in a separate object (point/way/relation) close to oneanother.
Although that is in principle a separete issue from how to tag "ground truth", I think it is relevant.  And I am curious as to how such searches can be carried out. 

-- Regards / Kveðja / Hilsen Morten Lange 

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I am skeptical as that makes finding them less straightforward, if you are looking for   [ a place where I can get my bicycle repaired or receive some help].

it will require you look for them explicitly or the app you are using would take them into account. On the other hand from my experience these aren’t places “to get your bicycle repaired”, they are rather places you can go to and hang out with other bicycle enthusiasts of a certain political orientation and repair your bike yourself.

Many potential users will not know about bicycle kitchens or that other community centres offer bicycle repairs.

again, these places around here don’t “offer bicycle repairs”, they offer enabling you to do the repairs yourself 
But I think they should be searchable also as somethings separate form the ordinary bicycle shop. Additional tags can do the trick.
For bicycle kitchens I guess 
      service:bicycle:diy:yes     might cover it. 

while it isn’t factually wrong, it isn’t useful as a distinction from forprofit places where you pay to use a space to adjust your bike

Here follow some new ideas that just popped out:

Perhaps add something like     shop:bicycle:type=bicycle_kitchen

yes, if it _is_ a kind of bicycle shop. An idea that is not universally shared.

Other values for that tag could be     with_pub    with_cafe    job_training    in_community_centre

IMHO no. We do not need tags of an is_in fashion for this, we can model this universally by making use of implicit spatial relationships (i.e. put the bike kitchen inside the community centre or pub, or the other way round, according to our interpretation of the situation)

Cheers Martin 
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