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I find it amusing that some of the other big map providers have chosen a
different "canonical" capitalization of the same trademarks. So they either
are not canonical after all, or we misunderstood the meaning of the name=*
key all along. I think when deciding such issues, we would need to share an
established path of reasoning and/or reliable references.

We had the same argument over a local mailing list and another idea came
up: some of the signage you see and many of their own website use the given
capitalization for stylistic purposes. But the question remains: why isn't
a map using stylistic capitalization? Or as some others do, why isn't
OpenStreetMap using it?

The signs, official company registry documents, websites, receipt, press
releases, newspapers and Wikipedia sometimes contradict (Wikipedia
notoriously even within itself, so don't use that as a reference), while at
other times the mostly match. What do you think about these?


Ludwig Lidl

SPAR, SPAR express, DESPAR, etc.:
Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig

"the name goes back to the French pronunciation of the word hobby"

"the initials of the supplier's name (TES), and the first two letters of
his surname (CO)"

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> > On 15. Dec 2019, at 19:26, Markus <selfishseahorse at gmail.com> wrote:
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> > If we enter names exactly as they appear on signs, we would have to
> > change all place names to all caps in Italy, France and likely in
> > other countries too.
> as a general rule, all names exactly as they appear on signs does not
> work. Name is the common name as decided by the mapper and according to the
> conventions we have set up (e.g. generally no abbreviations, unless the
> name itself is an abbreviation, like AT&T etc.)
> It can still make sense to have a dedicated tag for the name as it is sign
> posted (e.g. there are occasionally typos on signs, and for people that
> don’t know the situation it could be useful to have this information for
> orienteering on the ground), just like we have official_name for cases
> where the common name is different (and a variety of tags for alternative
> names).
> Apparently, name:signed is the most common tag (if I didn’t miss
> something) with currently 551 uses.
> For example there can be different name versions on different signs for
> the same feature (e.g. abbreviated and not street names), and even errors
> /typos on signs can occur.
> Cheers Martin
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