[Tagging] How to tag access restriction on interstate highway crossovers?

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Fri Jan 4 01:21:46 UTC 2019

On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 3:32 PM Xavier <xavier at dp100.com> wrote:

> By "interstate highway crossovers" I mean small bits of road that
> connect the two carriage ways of a US interstate highway and are signed
> as "Authorized Vehicles Only" (at least in Virginia they are signed
> this way).
> An example is here:
> http://openstreetcam.org/details/1253343/475/track-info
> If you look at the left edge of the photo, you will see part of the
> pavement of the small way that connects to the other traffic lane of
> the highway.  Zooming in on the sign visible just behind the curved
> guardrail at the far end of the crossover in the photo will show the
> "Authorized Vehicles Only" restriction language.  Clicking on the "edit
> in Id|JOSM" links will open the location so you can see the aerial
> images of the "crossover".
> The "Authorized Vehicles Only" sign really translates to: access
> allowed for police, fire, and rescue vehicles.
> A way mapping this feature would obviously be highway=service.
> And an initial access=no tag to prevent routers from deciding to try to
> use it for U-turns.
> But looking at the wiki values for the access= key there are two
> 'close' values for "access allowed for police, fire, and rescue":
> 1) private
> 2) designated
> However the description of designated indicates that it is a different
> meaning than what is meant here.  That leaves private, but somehow
> 'private' seems not really a good fit at the same time.  It is not
> really 'private' as in privately owned, it is public, but restricted.
> So is access=private correct, or is there a better tag that I've not
> located yet?

Typically these are

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