[Tagging] landuse=landfill : for regular/irregular ones

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Fri Jan 4 18:41:19 UTC 2019

Many times in Brazil we found irregular landuse=landfill for urban waste disposals.
Many times they are simple trash grounds uncontroled.
Guess only 10% of them in Brazil are regularized.

There are 2 fundamental classes according to its situation:
A) "Sanitary Landfill" (in Brazil "Aterro Sanitário") : regular; officiall, controled, made according to health and environmental standards;
B) Simple "dumping grounds" ("Lixão") : irregular; unofficial and uncontroled, poluting waterways and underground waters, soil, etc.

Perhaps it's not common in Europe to have this distinction. But I suppose it's the default situation in most of the rest of the world. I've seen in sattelite images many similars in many other parts of the underdeveloped world, it's easy to find it around - or inside - urban areas. They are not covered with any protective materials like successive regular layers of soil, but just open air trashes.

We've been talking many times in Brazil that we would need a tag (or sub-tag) to them, they are well known and distinguished.
How could we tag this important difference?
I think that using "landuse=landfill" + "landfill=regular/irregular" would be pretty enough.
Would it be ok?

Or perhaps  https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:landfill:waste
But seems it's for specifying the materials on waste, and not for the condition of the landfill, its official environmental control.


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