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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jan 4 21:04:34 UTC 2019


the DWG has received a complaint about user ti-lo/Rtfm's introduction of
motorcycle tags.

Until 03 April, the shop=motorcycle wiki page contained this:

> The following is a proposal to put this service variety into tags:
>     sale=yes/brand/used/no/... - sells whole motorcycles
>     rental=yes/brand/no/... - motorcycle rental
>     repair=yes/brand/oldtimer/no/... - repairs / maintains motorcycles
>     safety_inspection=yes/no - inspection of safety/emission regulation conformance
>     parts=yes/brand/oldtimer/no/... - sells motorcycle parts
>     clothes=yes/brand/no/... - sells motorcycle clothes / equipment
>     scooters=yes/no/only - to distinguish scooter shops, very useful in Asia
>     services=... - other services this shop offers

Rtfm (which is ti-lo's account on the wiki) then removed any mention of
these tags and the word "proposal", instead added a table

> Optional (compare with "Additional keys" in shop=bicycle)
> key 	values 	description 	taginfo
> motorcycle:sales 	yes/no/used 	sells motorbikes / used=only second hand / yes;used=both new and used 	
> motorcycle:rental 	yes/no/trailer 	motorbike rental / motorbike trailer rental (Both: yes;trailer) 	
> motorcycle:repair 	yes/no 	motorbike repair 	
> motorcycle:parts 	yes/no 	sells parts 	
> motorcycle:tyres 	yes/no 	sells tyres (may also be used in combination with shop=tyres) 	
> motorcycle:clothes 	yes/no 	sells clothes 	
> motorcycle:type 	

Rtfm proceeded to execute an undiscussed mass edit on the OSM database
which was reverted here:



* The wiki page has never been changed back
* Rtfm/ti-lo has continued to edit motorcycle shops around the world,
and whenever he touched one e.g. to change the spelling from "Harley
Davidson" to "Harley-Davidson", at the same time also replaced *all* the
old-style tags with his new-style tags again.
* ti-lo hismelf seems to be by far the most prolific user of these tags.

What we have here is not really a classical mechanical edit, but a
one-man crusade to push through their tagging scheme.

I'm not sure how to best deal with this. Normally we don't want to
over-emphasize the proposal and tag voting process and we often say "you
can just use a tag and it'll eventually be used by others too". But that
doesn't really apply to changing established tags. Even if it is for the
better - the complaint we have is really not so much about the new
tagging scheme but about the way in which it was established.


Should we revert the wiki page to the old version and revert all the
motorcycle:* tags that ti-lo changed from old-style to motorcycle:*?

Or ask him to run a proper proposal process until $DEADLINE under threat
of doing the above?

Or just shrug and let him have his way?


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