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> Op wo 2 jan. 2019 om 23:43 schreef Tobias Wrede <list at tobias-wrede.de>:
>> As a side note: Looking at the examples I found that you added keys like
>> wikipedia=nl:Toeristisch Overstappunt
>> url=https://gpsfietsroutesnederland.nl/toeristische-overstappunten/
>> website=https://www.natuurpoorten.nl/
>> <https://gpsfietsroutesnederland.nl/toeristische-overstappunten/website=https://www.natuurpoorten.nl/>
>> These are all generic references that could be added to the OSM wiki
>> page. On the individual trailheads I would expect a website of the
>> specific trail.
> I think the Wikipedia and website links should be very specific to the
> individual object and not replace a dictionary.

I can see the advantages of listing both general & specific info.

Examples in our area:

General info about Lamington National Park

Specifics about the individual walking tracks
https://www.binnaburralodge.com.au/activities/bushwalking-hiking &


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