[Tagging] Allotments plot / lot tagging and ref?

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Mon Jan 7 13:39:39 UTC 2019

On Monday 07 January 2019, Paul Allen wrote:
> They are verifiable by asking the organization in charge of the
> allotments, as I initially did
> when mapping some allotments.

Verifiability in OSM means *independent* verifiability based on 
observations of the geographic reality.  Same as with any other kind of 
proprietary ID.

> How about because allotments do not have postcodes?

That might depend on the country but AFAIK in many countries postal 
codes cover the whole country.

> How about 
> because addresses are
> generally a means of figuring out where to deliver physical mail and
> allotments are not on
> postal delivery routes?

There are many addresses that do not receive postal delivery - in 
particular for example corporate infrastructure where mail is 
collectively delivered to a single location while individual buildings 
and other infrastructure still have their own addesses.

> Even addr:unit would be stretching the 
> definition of unit past its breaking
> point.

I have not made any suggestion as to what kind of address tag to use but 
if the plot number is signed and you invite your friends for a grilling 
party at plot 42 that is definitely an address from my perspective.

Christoph Hormann

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