[Tagging] Facts and opinions

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Fri Jan 11 03:29:56 UTC 2019

> On Jan 10, 2019, at 10:31 AM, Bryan Housel <bhousel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Stopped reading here and Unsubscribing. 
> You are not funny, and I don’t need the stress that this mailing list brings. 
> Good luck with tagging & Bye 👋

How unprofessional and dismissive. 

For someone making tools that implement tagging rules, dismissing the more public process of making those rules seems to be bass-ackwards.

Your tools (eventually) implement what is discussed here. 

I was on the OSM-carto gorup and was **specifically** told to go to the mailing lists to discuss the creating and modification of tags, as the gitub discussions were how to implement and render already established tagging schema. 

If you feel that all the “real” discussion happens over on github, because all the noisy rabble has been sent over here to play in the kids area, leaving your chat “free” of novice mappers ignorant of coding - wow. 

Pretending that that the development of tags isn’t driven by the mailing lists and the wiki is a delusion.

All the bad things with wikis occur - but it is where all the mappers go to read up on how tagging works when they need to use an unfamiliar tag for a novel object - and then mapped in a way prescribed (good or bad) by the wiki. Presets are powerful, but not as powerful as the wiki. 

Thanks for the reminder that the process that more OSM contributors are involved than github with is beneath you, and we are merely playing sandcastles while you do real work. 

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