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> On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 11:03:29AM -0800, Tod Fitch wrote:
> > Most of what I’d call a drain around here would be large underground
> pipes designed to carry storm water. Empty most of the time except perhaps
> for a trickle of water from various urban/suburban watering overflow. Used
> most of the time by raccoons, possums and rats as away to navigate through
> or shelter in an area without having to worry about being attacked by
> neighborhood dogs, though the larger ones could be attractive for
> adventuresome teenage boys to explore.
> Same in UK: I forgot to mention them. The pipes serving domestic houses
> and draining water from roads are all "drains", and by extension also
> for the entrance grills in roads and the like. That includes sewers as
> well. But I guess few of them would be mapped in OSM unless particularly
> large or significant. Back to the point: it would be unnatural to tag
> them as canals! Some might overlap with culverts?


Stormwater drainage pipes take water from the house out to the gutter,
where it runs down to the drain & eventually to a creek / lake / sea.

Canals are big things that can take boats, not little gutters for water.

If you're feeding water to a field, it's runs via an irrigation "channel".

Aren't mills usually fed from *"The Old Mill Stream"* :-)

& most fountains I know are either in the middle of a lake / pond, or fed
by underground pipes.

So should we add gutter & channel to the list of features?


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