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 > You can put your microtome away.  Anyway, it's not meant for splitting
hairs. :p... RV may not be only American, but it's still not UK English.

The U.K. has about 1 million 'leisure' caravans. Europe as a whole,
about  5,230,000.

My microtome shows the U.S. accounts for 60% of global RV sales, growing at
8% annually, and "In 2017, the US accounted for 91.07% globally" for
related goods and services, with some *9 million RVs* licensed in use. A
million permanently live in their RVs ( h
). About 40% of those a are senior citizen 'snow birds' who are essentially
migratory between their children's home cities and site in the American
South and Southwest. Anecdotally, I know large numbers of homeless people
are living in unregistered, immobile, or otherwise invisible statistically
RVs (

It is also enshrined in U.S. Department of Transportation lexicon of
regulations, including signage, ditto with every state and local
municipalitie's transportation departments. All commercial signage is 'RV'
for goods and services, including sales of vehicles. It is embedded in
economic statistical data "RV Park  NAICS Code: 721211   SIC Code: 7033".
National, State, and local business directories like the ubiquitous Yellow
Pages have an RV category.  The U.S. Census  American Community Survey has
RV housing statistics.

My guess is that Canada is somewhat similar.

Lemme think ... over the past 50 years living and traveling across the
United States, I have seen the word 'caravan' ... maybe a few times, in
reference to the very few Rom who still migrate from city to city. Never on
a sign. Except maybe for the 'Dodge Caravan' model minivan ( which isn't
even suitable as a camper : -)

All else being equal,and in the absence of other sources, the British
vernacular tradition, might hold, but the in this case the overwhelming use
of the term in official, commerce, and common use would indicate it should
be included in parallel, but certainly not at the expense of 'caravan'.

Michael Patrick
Data Ferret
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