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 > Therefore nothing suggested so far is going to work.

It might be a radical idea, but there is usually an industry association
for any domain, at the international, regional, and country level and they
frequently publish marketing and production and sales statistics which use
sectors and terminology aligned aligned with their consumers and suppliers.

- "... Classification of Recreational Vehicles differs across major
geographical markets, in accordance with consumer lifestyles and
requirements. The US and Canadian markets are analyzed by the following
Segments: Motor Homes (Class A, Class B, and Class C), Travel Trailers
(Conventional Travel Trailer, and Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer), and Campers
& Camping Trailers (Folding Camping Trailer, and Truck Camper). The
Japanese market is analyzed by the following Segments: Trailers, and
Others, while the European market is analyzed by the following Segments:
Motor Caravans, and Touring Caravans. The Asia-Pacific market is analyzed
by the following Segments: Caravans, and Camper Vans. The report provides
separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe,
Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World."

Also RV Industry Association https://www.rvia.org/who-we-serve ,
https://www.rvia.org/news-insights/rv-shipments-november-2018 ,
https://www.civd.de/en/association.html ,  The European Caravan Federation
(ECF)   http://www.e-c-f.com/index.php?id=3 , KCI (Dutch Association for
Camping and Caravan Industry)

If it has a large footprint in the world, it is probably regulated and / or
monitored by some international organization and various country's
governmental agencies. "415 drain
see also ditch... Conduit or small open channel by which water is removed
from a soil or an aquifer, by gravity, in order to control the water level
or to remove excess water." in the International Glossary of Hydrology from
the World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization (
). Frequently they will have crosswalks or otherwise note the differences
and similarities between different regions and countries.

Michael Patrick
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