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On Wed, 16 Jan 2019 at 22:17, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:

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> wrote:
>> I appreciate your efforts on this, Graeme, believe me.

> However, seeing as motorhome and recreational_vehicle are so similar, I
>> would use motorhome as a top-level tag with RVs being a special type of
>> motorhome
But sorry, if anything I'd swap that around with R_V at the top then
caravans & motorhomes as sub's. It's a bit hard to say which would be the
best way to go? If you search "types of R-V", you get what was mentioned
earlier : caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, camper vans, 5th wheelers
etc. Search "types of motorhome" & its A, B, C, campervans. "Types of
caravan" = caravan, 5th wheeler, pop-top & other towed options, so RV would
appear to be the best overall term (I'll get to "mobile homes" in a moment).

But when you look at established usage in OSM, there are 82 shop=caravan,
with ~50 in Europe, 20 in US / Canada & 10 in Australia; 16 shop=motorhome
(2 US, 1 Canada, rest in Europe); 7 shop=rv in US / Canada & 3
shop=recreational_vehicles (2 US, 1 France), so shop=caravan would appear
to be the accepted option by a long way (even in the US!)

and have a separate shop=mobile_home page.
I think this may be the best option, with a cross-reference between the two

> Mobile_home covers the odd case of the wheeled structure that is usually
>> installed semi-permanently in a trailer park
> I won't bother giving the links again, but Wikipedia (yes, I know) uses
> "mobile home" as an
> encompassing term for trailers/touring caravans/RVs/everything that can be
> lived in and can be
> moved.

Paul. I'm not saying you're wrong, & yes, I'll agree that wikipedia does,
but when you do a general search for "Types of mobile home", most of the
results from the US, UK & Australia discuss semi-permanent or static homes
on site eg
Interestingly "mobile home" in the US, apparently only applies to something
built before 1976 - after then, they're "manufactured homes"
There are currently only 7 uses of shop=mobile_home in OSM - 6 US & 1
Germany & only 1 =manufactured_homes, in the US

Which accords well with the meaning of the words "mobile" and "home."
> I'll also note that at various times, people in this thread have given
> names to types of mobile
> home that are used in various countries and that in most of those lists
> "mobile home" does
> not appear as a specific ctegory.  I'll also note that  the various
> all-encompassing terms that
> many have proposed, such as your own "motorhome" DO appear in those lists
> as specific
> types of mobile home.
> But what the hey, let;'s go against the literal meaning of the words,
> let's ignore what is used in
> practice by the industry in various countries and let's change existing
> wiki definitions because
> reasons.  And, while we're at it, let's change the two pertinent Wikipedia
> pages to match our
> alternative reality.

How's it put? (was mentioned again only a week or so ago but I've forgotten
the exact wording) - in OSM, words mean their OSM definition, not
necessarily what they mean in the real world!


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