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Steve Doerr doerr.stephen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 16:01:06 UTC 2019

On 14/01/2019 13:23, Steve Doerr wrote:
> On 13/01/2019 23:42, Warin wrote:
>> On 14/01/19 09:07, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:

>> I think the 'mobile home' is an acceptable term to cover the lot. Why 
>> is it unacceptable?
>> The emphasise on 'permanent' I think is wrong, but there is enough 
>> vagueness to accept that 'mobile' means mobile.

>> Certainly in British English, 'mobile home' has a certain connotation 
>> which makes it unsuitable as a catch-all term. It's virtually a 
>> misnomer, since mobile homes, once sited, almost never move.

I must concede that, in UK legislation, the term 'mobile home' is 
explicitly a synonym of 'caravan', which itself is defined as 'any 
structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of 
being moved from one place to another (whether by being towed, or by 
being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer) and any motor vehicle 
so designed or adapted, but does not include— (a) any railway rolling 
stock which is for the time being on rails forming part of a railway 
system, or (b) any tent'.





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