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> -Information about the capacity of a parking

Tag the capacity of the car park itself.  It's more useful.  People may use
the query tool (or
similar techniques) to look at the tags for the car park and notice the
capacity.  They're less
likely to use it on nearby nodes just in case they happen to be a sign
indicating the
capacity of the car park.  amenity=parking + capacity=n (+

-Information about the pollution level in a city

The closest we have is tourism=information + information=board
+board_type=*.  Taginfo
doesn't show any board_type=pollution, but you could probably get away with

> -Information about public transport ETA, and so on.

Are you talking about a timetable at a bus stop?  One was is to add the tag
departures_board=timetable to a public_transport=platform or
An proposed alternative is public_transport=timetable as a relation.

Are you talking about a real-time display?  One way is
added to a bus stop or railway platform.  The iD editor uses this in its
presets.  An alternative,
less widely used (and not directly supported by iD) is

Is there any kind of tagging? Should we create new one?

The first thing you should do, before creating new tags and BEFORE asking
here, is to
have a look around the wiki.

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