[Tagging] Forest parcel with other landcover (scrub, scree…): how to map?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 03:14:01 UTC 2019

On 23/01/19 11:52, Sergio Manzi wrote:
> Only about the cited point (/tagging natural forests as 
> natural=wood/), I think a natural forest should be tagged as 
> natural=forest (/quite logically, I would say.../), while natural=wood 
> should be reserved for "small forests" (/which is one of the possible 
> meaning of "wood" in English, if I'm not mistaken/).

The area (size) is given by the area of the closed way. No need to 
differentiate between 'small', 'medium' or 'large' (and each of them 
would have to be defined). Avoid this!
OSM does not distinguish between the sizes of other thing other than by 
using the area or a closed way, or dimensional tags.
I am firmly against having tags that distinguish between features based 
on their size.

>  Also please consider that "forest" is very generic, and we could be 
> willing to more exactly define which kind of forest we are tagging 
> (/and eventually have it rendered accordingly/).
Trees and building are also 'generic' ...
> To this extent the only way I see in the Wiki is to use the 
> leaf_type=* tag (/and only"broadleaved", "needleleaved" and "mixed" 
> are defined as possible values/).Wikipedia defines 6 types of forest:
> But to me a forest is not just "a lot of trees", but an entire 
> ecosystem dominated by trees. And those ecosystems can be very 
> different between different continents and latitudes.
>   * Temperate needleleaf
>   * Temperate broadleaf and mixed
>   * Tropical moist
>   * Tropical dry
>   * Sparse trees and parkland
>   * Forest plantations

Temperate and Tropical moist/dry are climates... if those are to be 
mapped them go right ahead .. but they are not confined to forests, so 
should be mapped separately.

Whether something is 'natural' or not is up to your definition and 
knowledge. For most mappers they simply see trees/plants.
If you that 'natural' is something that is verifiable then tell us how.
How do you tell if a tree has been planted by humans and one that is 
self seeded? I cannot see a difference at all.

The density of plants (trees, shrubs, heath) is something to consider .. 
but it needs to be a separate thing and be able to be used with various 
vegetation types. I believe it has been raised before.
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