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> ... but now I have a doubt... I don't find any referenece... have I been
> pranked? :-/
I thought perhaps you had, because I couldn't turn up anything on a google
Which is why I said I hadn't heard of it.   But I was puzzled when you
responded that
the imperial hundredweight was "112 lb 8 stones" so I checked.  And found
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hundredweight.  So you were right about the
Except in British English we used hundredweight in my youth because we had
heard of "centum weight" or "quintal."  And, to be honest, even
wasn't much used outside of people involved in bulk transportation of heavy
goods, so it was pretty much ounces, pounds, stones and tons for ordinary

There are many more units of weight.  I dimly remember a very old Science
story in which aliens failed to invade the Earth because they were confused
by all
the different units of weight involved.  I can't remember the name of the
story or the
author, but I can remember that one of the bizarre units was the catty.

This way madness lies.  Some of these bizarre units of weight are still in
use in
various parts of the world.  The link above has an image of a weight
sign on Alderney (not part of the UK but a Crown Dependency) of 30cwt.
is imperial cwt (or centum weight) not US cental.  I'm seriously starting
to think
the wiki page adopted the most sensible strategy of saying that weights
be in metric units.

Except for one problem.  The various tons and hundredweights are not units
weight but of mass, so weight restrictions are given in mass units not
units.  We should be specifying weight restrictions in Newtons, dynes
poundals and slugs.

OK.  Let's deprecate weight restrictions.  Change the wiki to say weight
are not permitted. :)

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