[Tagging] club=scout for similar organisations

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 30 23:15:30 UTC 2019

Le 30.01.19 à 23:02, Warin a écrit :
> On 31/01/19 08:41, s8evq wrote:
>> I'm a relative new contributor


>> "club=scout" and "club=youth".
>> What about similar organisations than Scouts? This might not exists as 
>> much in other countries, but here in Belgium we have KSA, KLJ, Chiro 
>> and Scouts (and a whole bunch more).
>> 1) Why does Scouts have it's own value in the club tag? If club=scout 
>> exists, why couldn't then club=chiro also exist?
> However club=scouts only has 57 uses in the data base.
> club=scout is >600 so that it the one to use for them.

Scouts and scout do maybe not have the same meaning in belgium.
I understand club=scout (without a ending S and without an upercase)
as the "generic" term for any scout-like club
but club=scouts as in "Les Scouts" (the name in french) of a specific 
scout club.
outside belgium, I have not idea if club=scouts have the same meaning as 

so mayb we can extend club=scout scout=Chiro|Scouts|Guide|... (I have no 
idea about the english name of Chiro Guide Patro) and so on for every 
specific "sub-type" of scout-like club.

> There is nothing stopping you from using club=chiro

Chiro (and Scouts) is a name. did we need a club= value for every club 
name ? I don't think so.
Scouts and Guides are, for example, very close to each other that
there is a Scout and Guide Association that brings them together


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