[Tagging] Additional tags for camp pitches and campsites (Re: Tag:tourism=camp_pitch)

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 02:00:31 UTC 2019

> cabins  <number>         Whether cabins are offered
> I have only ever seen 1 cabin per site, but it would be helpful, especially
> for families, to also list number of beds per each cabin (cabin=yes +
> beds=2/4/8).

The tag capacity= can be used for the total number of visitors allowed
too, but yes, "beds=<number>" can be used for the total number of beds
in a hotel or hospital or guesthouse, so I imagine it works for cabins
too: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/beds

The only problem with "cabin=yes" is that campsites and caravan sites
uses "cabins=yes" - note the plural "s". I thought it better to reuse
the same key, but I could go either way.

> also big_rig=yes/no (for 5th wheelers & bus-sized motorhomes that may not
> fit on a normal sized site)

Is "big rig" British English? I know what it means in American
English, but somehow it doesn't have that "proper" English feel? ;-)

An alternative would be length= and width= or maxlength= and maxwidth=
to more clearly specify the length of caravan / RV / motorhome that
can fit in the pitch.



>> There was also: "camp_pitch:drain=yes/no"     "There is a grey water
>> drain for this pitch."
> Very important for caravanners!
> How about sullage=yes/no, or perhaps grey_water=yes/no?

I've checked into this. In American it is more common to provide "full
hookups" which include an actual sewage line, for sewage tanks in
addition to greywater. In contrast, "partial hookups" usually only
provide electricity and drinking water, but no direct sewer or
greywater drain at all, in the USA at least.

So if we want to make a tag, there should be one that describes a
sewage or "black water" connection as well.

I think the British English term might be "sewer connection?" It would
be good to confirm this with an English caravaner.

So perhaps:

Another tag I found:

fireplace=yes - if there is a brick/ceramic/stone fireplace with chimney

Not too common but sometimes seen.


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