[Tagging] lit=yes/no threshold

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What I couldsee work would be to have additional lit=* values like lit=weak or lit=spillover or lit=10lux

From: Mateusz Konieczny
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Subject: [Tagging] lit=yes/no threshold

Some cases of lit=yes are clear (direct lighting of street/footway by lamps)

Some cases of lit=no are clear (no lighting whatsoever)

But in cities there is also often strong or weak ambient light, for example:

- carriageway is directly lit with so powerful light that spillover light
makes footway well lit - clearly lit=yes

- spillover light is quite dim but enough to comfortably walk - also lit=yes

- there is some ambient light, but not enough to walk without own
source of light - lit=no

- there is an ambient light, one can carefully walk, but only slowly,
people with poor eyesight needs their own source of light - lit=no (?)

Overall, I am considering adding to https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:lit
recommendation to consider "is it necessary to bring your own light source to see it properly"
as recommended threshold for footways/paths.

Any problems with that or ideas for a better threshold between lit=yes and lit=no?

disclaimer: I am trying to make lit=yes/no definition more precise as part of my grant

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