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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Sat Jul 6 11:24:42 UTC 2019

Unladen is certainly the used, and understood, way of expressing such restrictions in the UK.


Phil (trigpoint)

On Saturday, 6 July 2019, Tobias Zwick wrote:
> So "unladen" is the word used in UK legislation? Do you have a link?
> Even if "unladen" is most commonly used in UK, I still find "empty" better because it is easier to understand what it means for non native speakers (simpler word).
> In the US, "empty" seems to be most commonly used, as it is also written on the signs while at the same time, the word is not exclusively known/used in the US - unlike mall, freeway, etc.
> "maxbogieweight" caused confusion earlier and was misunderstood as synonymous to "maxaxleload" recently. "maxemptyweight" I think does not need documentation to clarify what it stands for, "maxunladenweight" might.
> In the end, UK naming should usually win, but maybe "empty vehicle weight" does not sound so exotic to British ears?
> Tobias
> On July 6, 2019 11:46:33 AM GMT+02:00, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> >On 2019-07-06 10:48, Warin wrote:
> >
> >> On 06/07/19 18:16, Colin Smale wrote: 
> >> 
> >> On 2019-07-06 05:03, Warin wrote: 
> >> On 05/07/19 19:33, Mateusz Konieczny wrote: 
> >> 3 Jul 2019, 12:52 by osm at westnordost.de: 
> >> 1.1 At the examples: for max empty weight, I propose the key
> >maxemptyweight. It suggests itself. 
> >> Added, with link back to this post
> >
> >Here that would be called "maximum Tare weight". In the UK? 
> >
> >Probably "maximum unladen weight." "Tare" does exist as a word, and is
> >frequently used in logistics (empty weight of containers etc) but AFAIK
> >not in the context of traffic regulations. 
> >Possibly not where you are.. but 
> >
> >"registrable light motor vehicle means a motor vehicle that is
> >registrable and has a tare mass that is not greater than 2,794
> >kilograms." 
> >
> >From  
> >https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/#/view/regulation/2017/451/full
> >
> >And also in other traffic legislation in Australia... 
> >
> >In the UK?
> >
> >"(h)the manner in which the tare weight of road vehicles, or of road
> >vehicles of any particular class or description is to be determined. "
> >from https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1985/72 
> >
> >That is not a traffic regulation, that's about metrology. And by the
> >way, I am speaking as a Brit, so native speaker and somewhat conversant
> >with the laws and legal system. As I said, the word "tare" does exist,
> >and is used in certain specific contexts. But in connection with road
> >vehicles, everybody in the UK speaks of Unladen Weight. 
> >
> >https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-weights-explained
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