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Mon Jul 8 01:41:26 UTC 2019


While tracktype= has some issues, smoothness= is more subjective and less
generally useful.

Surface= is very helpful and more objective, so it should be mentioned,but
I believe it is already suggested on most of the minor highway, path and
track pages.

On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 10:24 AM brad <bradhaack at fastmail.com> wrote:

> Do we have close to a consensus that tracktype is not globally useful?
> The Key:highway wiki page and map_features could be changed from
> "To describe the quality of a track, see tracktype
> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:tracktype>=*.:
> to
> "To describe the quality of a track, use smoothness=* and surface=*.   In
> some regions tracktype is also useful."
> On 7/7/19 3:12 AM, Warin wrote:
> There is a visibility tag.
> So 'tracktype' should have that removed from its consideration.
> Maintenance frequency ? Yet another tag. And not something all that
> usefull.
> I don't think 'tracktype' is all that usefull.
> Surface .. yes. Relatively easy to understand.
> Smoothness ... yes. Should give an indication of required ground
> clearance.
> Steepness? Yes - the tag is incline.
> Compaction? Not a value I'd use.
> Bear rock that have never been compacted can be harder that a road that
> has been compacted.
> Rather have a tag for 'hardness' that 'compaction'.
> But when it rains .. it can turn a 'good road' (compacted, hard, smooth
> and fairly level) into a bottomless pit (deep mud), or a skating ring (wet
> clay).
> And then there are Australian 'salt lakes' .. a dry hard crust on top ..
> with black goo underneath if you break through.
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