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> On 9. Jul 2019, at 17:00, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
> on UK maps in general to render, or at least label, disused quarries.  Because they're holes in
> the ground, can present hazards, and may be of use for navigation.  So in this particular case
> I prefer landuse=quarry + disused=yes to disused:landuse=quarry. 

I agree for quarries, arguably they mostly remain quarries even when disused. If you see this as a feature (like company, name, address, etc) it also is an unfortunate choice for the key, something similar to man_made=works would seem better for this. 

The wiki is not very explicit if this is about a quarry or land used as a quarry.

But it suggests to add disused as a property and not in the key(unless it is not recognizable as a quarry):

Inactive and former quarries	Edit
Quarries that are out of use but still carry many characteristics of a quarry shall be tagges as landuse=quarry and  disused=yes.


Cheers, Martin 
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