[Tagging] leisure=garden for private front/back gardens

Pee Wee piewie32 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 05:23:01 UTC 2019

Hi all

I would like your opinion on the next issue.

On the Dutch forum (googletranslate
I started a thread about the tag leisure=garden for private front/back
gardens. Reason was that I saw mappers using this for whole blocks of
houses that were not publicly accessible. That usage seemed completely
different from all the other leisure values

In the first versions
of the wiki page of leisure=garden there was no mentioning of private
front/back gardens.  It seems to me that OSM leisure=garden wiki changed
meaning on may 3, 2010 when someone added a description of “Garden” from
the Wikipedia garden description that refers to private gardens. In order
to differentiate from the publicly accessible gardens (with or without fee)
sometime additional tags like “access=private”  and
“garden:type=residential” are added. To me this seems better then no
additional tags at all but in fact I think private gardens (not accessible)
should not be tagged with the leisure key. On the talk page I saw that
there are more objections
to using this tag for private (non accessible) gardens.

My question to you experts are:

1.       Has this issue been discussed before and if so … what was the

2.       If not… do you agree with me that private front/back garden should
not be tagged with leisure=garden but with a non-leisure tag? (if so… any
suggestions? And what about private "gardens" that are partially/completely

(PS: it is not my intention to discuss the relevance of tagging private
front/back gardens. I just want to know how this should be tagged in case
someone wants to. )


Peter (PeeWee32)
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