[Tagging] leisure=garden for private front/back gardens

Pee Wee piewie32 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 14 07:06:09 UTC 2019

> Why would a private garden require a different key? Do we tag a
> private wood / forest in a different way than one that is accessible
> by the public? Do private parking lots get a different amenity-key ?
> No, we refine this with additional tags.
> This method can be applied to private gardens as well.
> regards
> m
> Forgot to mention that since people started to map  whole residential
area's <http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/KI0>with leisure=garden even small
completely paved strips in front of a houses are tagged.  To me this is no
garden an no leisure either.  I think the current definition needs a change
in order to include or exclude these paved area's (which ever the community
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