[Tagging] Test prep centres and cram schools as amenity=prep_school?

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> On Jul 6, 2019, at 10:17 PM, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> In January, Javbw  mentioned amenity=cram_school for these "juku" cram
> schools, e.g. brand Komon

Yep - "cram school" is the English translation commonly given to these kinds of "after-school, multi-subject, class-based schools". They have books, teachers, and follow an in-house curriculum to teach students. Komon is a popular one.

There are roughly 10 of these schools in a 2KM radius of my city. 

Here is a class course list webpage from a juku in Japan. This is the middle school courses offered. Use a translation service to read it. 

Additional comments: 

A tutor is often one-on-one. This is (primarily) not. 

A language school might have many different types of classes for different age ranges (toddlers through seniors), but still stays on one language. They don't offer total STEM classes.

A prepatory school could have the students there for 10 hours a day for a year-long course  - which is a true school. They basically are an additional year of high school focused on helping students pass the entrance exam of the college they wish to attend (and failed the first time).  

Cram Schools are *supplemental* to "regular school", usually as an after-school program  aimed at k-12 students,  Who attend on a daily or weekly schedule for a set period of time.

source: my children have gone to a cram_school to help with their studies on occaision, I currently teach at a Middle School and many students attend a cram_school currently, I have worked at a language school, and I know people who offer tutoring.  My Son attended a year-long prepatory course at a college prepatory school to study to enter University (not a cram school). 

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