[Tagging] Test prep centres and cram schools as amenity=prep_school?

Jmapb jmapb at gmx.com
Mon Jul 8 17:24:01 UTC 2019

On 7/7/2019 11:01 PM, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
> TL:DR I think we can use amenity=test_prep or amenity=cram_school for
> most of these.
> An alternative from British English would be amenity=tuition, but I
> think this might not work in many dialects of English?
> ----------------------------------
> I did some more research about this. Apparently Kumon has branches in
> the USA, UK and Aus too. Kumon advertises themselves at offering "Math
> and English tuition" aka tutoring classes, in Australia, and as
> offering "After School Math & Reading Programs" in the USA.
> In the UK the Kumon website says "Maths tuition & extra English
> lessons for children - Kumon Europe"
> In India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Singapore, the British - influenced
> term for these places is "Tuition Centre"; (we call them a bimbel or
> Bimbingan Belajar in Indonesian - translated lit. "learning guidance"
> or "tuition"),  however the word "tuition" could be confusing in other
> dialects of English?

In American English "tuition" is the fee paid for private education --
so you might give tuition to a tutor, but you'd never receive tuition
from a tutor. (It's easy to see the evolution: "tuition fee" means fee
for tuition, then the word "fee" is dropped for streamlining, then
"tuition" always refers to money and the original meaning is lost. In
America, the noun form of the verb "tutor" would be "tutoring", or,
quaintly, "tutelage.")

But seeing as British English is the official language of OSM, the tag
amenity=tuiton_centre makes some sense to me -- even if it is more
Subcontinental than British.

If people can handle calling a realtor an "estate agent" they should be
able to learn this. Inevitably, though, some Americans who tag manually
*will* be baffled. And in that sense, amenity=tuition is probably much
worse than amenity=tuiton_centre, the British spelling of centre on the
latter giving a hint that the phrase might have an unexpected meaning,
and making it much easier to search on. To an American eye,
amenity=tuition will read like amenity=tax, or amenity=medical_bill.

Because amenity=prep_school is such a poor choice, I will support
anything sensible to replace it. But I'm still holding out hope for a
broad education=* key.


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