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On Thu, 25 Jul 2019 at 02:29, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>

> An eroded remnant of a volcano in Germany which hardly looks like a crater
> should not be tagged natural=volcano, since the classification as a volcano
> is based on fieldwork by professional geologists and can’t be confirmed by
> regular mappers.

Your implied definition of verifiability worries me a little.  It is
certainly true that most (but not all)
mappers could not verify, using their own skills, if a particular formation
is an extinct volcano.
But you seem to be implying that they cannot use common knowledge.  For
Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh is widely known by locals to be the remains of
an extinct volcano.
That fact is mentioned in almost all the tourist material about Edinburgh.
The majority of web
pages found by a search for "Arthur's Seat" mention that it is the remains
of an extinct
volcano.  Ditto for Castle Rock in Edinburgh, which is the remains of a
volcanic plug.

Are you seriously saying that mappers are not permitted to tag anything as
an extinct
volcano unless they have the appropriate training in geology?  Are they
allowed to ask
geologists?  Are they allowed to look at textbooks and academic papers that
are out of

You may wish to consider dormant volcanoes too.  And the volcanoes that are
active but don't have a visible lake of lava.  If we limit ourselves to
what a mapper without
much knowledge of geology can verify for him/herself then we limit the
mapping of
volcanoes to those with visible lava lakes.

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