[Tagging] [Indoor] is indoor=level walled ?

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Am Fr., 26. Juli 2019 um 13:13 Uhr schrieb PanierAvide <
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> Le 26/07/2019 à 13:02, Martin Koppenhoefer a écrit :
> > are they “indoor” if there is no wall? What makes them be inside rather
> than outside?
> >
> > Are covered open spaces inside or outside? I would tend to “outside”
> > as the climate will be similar to the climate around the structure,
> rather than comparable to the room climate of a completely enclosed space.
> They are still indoors (at least conceptually) because the building
> footprint is still there. Having ground floor unwalled doesn't mean that
> upper levels can't have wall.

sure, but if other levels have walls it doesn't make those levels without
walls "inside", does it?

> So, in that case, you suggest that
> building for example start at level 1 (with min_level=1) and everything
> on ground floor is outside ?

no, I would put it like this: the ground floor is still part of the
building, but it is outside. Like a balcony for example. Would you say a
balcony is "inside"?

> Then, how can I map for example a very
> small room on this area ? Still with indoor=room, even if technically
> not inside a building ?

is this a room with some kind of delimiting feature? I would not say it is
not part of the building, I would only say the space that is not enclosed
by walls (including windows, glass facades, etc.) is not "indoor".

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