[Tagging] Tagging of State Parks in the US

Paul Allen pla16021 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 15:10:53 UTC 2019

On Sun, 28 Jul 2019 at 15:36, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>

we do have an established numbered scheme for admin_levels, it could be
> reused to tag the administrative level that instituted the protected area,
> for a state park it would have the value 4, the key could remain
> “admin_level” also in the context of boundary=protected_area

I'm not entirely happy with admin_level.  It's numbers, so you have to read
the wiki to figure out
what admin_level=4 is.  I view it as a historical accident that we should
avoid repeating, not a
template for good taq design.

The kind of protection could be readable words, like nature, or birds, or
> culture, or water, air etc.

A lot better than numbers.  Still has problems, such as some objects will
need to have a list
of values because it serves multiple purposes, but better than
randomly-assigned numbers.

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