[Tagging] New page "Approval status" for "de facto", "in use", "approved" etc

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 05:26:24 UTC 2019

I've edited the page:

1) I reworded some of the helpful changes that Mateusz Konieczny just
made, for better English style.

2) I've removed the implication that de facto / approved are
"recommended" and that "deprecated" / "discardable" etc. are "not

I also removed the suggestion that "de facto" tags are supported by
rendering / routing / editing software - while this is usually true,
it isn't what determines if a tag is given "de facto" status.

3) I removed "obsolete" status from the list with deprecated/discouraged.

However, I now think I figured out what this status is supposed to
mean: it's supposed to be used for tags that were deprecated, but now
no longer even appear in the database, so the wiki page is only for
historical information.

Do we really need a special status for this, or should is it ok if I
retag the 6 tags with this status to "deprecated"?


- Tag:abandoned=yes - recommended replacement abandoned:*=* - used 34,000 times
- Tag:amenity=Kneippbecken - approved replacement is
amenity=kneipp_water_cure - used 0 times
- Tag:man_made=power_hydro / Tag:man_made=power_nuclear /
Tag:man_made=power_wind - use  power=generator, generator:source=*
instead - used a couple of times only.
- Tag:denotation=cluster - for special trees. Recommend to use name=*
instead with natural=tree. Had been down to 0 uses at one point, but
now there are a few hundred?

So only amenity=Kneippbecken and man_made=power_* really fit the
"obsolete" status, though there are a number of tags currently with
"deprecated" that are also no longer found in the database.


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