[Tagging] Are disused=yes and abandoned=yes deprecated by disused:key=value & abandoned:key=value?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 29 07:25:24 UTC 2019


On 29.07.19 08:23, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
> I was going to fix the status of abandoned=yes which is currently
> incorrectly listed as "obsolete". I thought it was probably
> deprecated, since the wiki page was deleted when Key:abandoned:*
> (namespaced) was made in 2015, but it's still used 40,000 times.
> The key disused (mainly disused=yes) is also used 60,000 times, even
> though the situation is the same: no wiki page, and the Key:disused:
> page suggests it is deprecated.

Frankly, I am worried about the obsession with tag "statuses". I
couldn't care less whether "abandoned=yes" was obsolete, deprecated, in
use, or even voted on; "negating tags" like this is are dangerous and
problematic and the wiki should educate people about this, full stop.

If we explain to people why negating tags are problematic then they will
understand and not use them; this is far better than telling them "uh-oh
you've used a tag that is classified as a type-X tag under section Y of
the tag classification regulations, don't do it!"


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