[Tagging] Are disused=yes and abandoned=yes deprecated by disused:key=value & abandoned:key=value?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 13:57:23 UTC 2019

Am Mo., 29. Juli 2019 um 14:43 Uhr schrieb Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com

> On 29/07/2019 13:05, Paul Allen wrote:
> It applies to more than just quarries.  The problem is that the namespaced
> version, when
> applied to physical objects, renders them invisible (on standard carto).
> Please let's just stop worrying about just that one renderer...

it is not just one renderer, OSM-Carto is often seen as standard
implementation and a lot of people are taking it as template when they
develop their own style. Generally the vast majority of data consumers does
neither look at disused / abandoned=yes qualifiers, nor at them as
prefixes. This applies to routing engines, rendering rules and all other
kind of data consumers. Maybe there is someone looking at these "details",
but most don't.

As already mentioned the tricky bit is working out what "disused" means for
> e.g. a quarry.  A map that wanted to show actual places where rock was
> extracted wouldn't show an inactive hole in the ground, whereas one that
> wanted to show holes in the ground would still show them.

that's a problem of tagging then. "landuse" is not suitable to represent a
business. You need an additional tag for this. It might work as a shortcut
in simple cases, but it is not generally working and is not in analogy to
how we map factories or other industrial landuses for example.

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